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PNG PM O’Neill Arrives in China

Improving the infrastructure and supply chains needed to increase agricultural and other  production for export, in countries such as Papua New Guinea, is one of the important issues begin discussed by world leaders in China this Friday.
The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill has arrived in Beijing for the Second Belt  and Road Forum, that he said is of key interest for Papua New Guinea to expand  production from rural areas.
“In Papua New Guinea we have some of the most fertile soil in the world that can grow a
wide range of food plants and feed livestock, but we have trouble getting it to markets,” the
Prime Minister said.
“It is disheartening when our people harvest vegetables or fruit, and they do not make it to
market in a condition that can be sold.

There are a lot of factors that cause this from transport networks, product handling,
bureaucracy in government process, just to name a few.
“But these challenges can be overcome through a much more co-ordinated approach to
the development of infrastructure and capacity building.
“We need to continue to increase our internal infrastructure development through greater
investment, while at the same time strengthen our linkages with partner countries that
makes transportation more efficient.”
The Prime Minister said the ‘One Belt, One Road’ in initiative of China’s President, is a
matter that was discussed during H.E. Xi Jinping’s State Visit to Papua New Guinea in

Papua New Guinea is a bridge between many Pacific islands and Asia, and the Belt and
Road Initiative was well received by Pacific Leaders meeting on the margins of the APEC
“The Belt and Road Forum will be attended by more than 40 Leaders from around the
world, and ministers and delegates from more than 100 countries.
“As the only Leader from the Pacific Island Nation I will convey the thoughts they conveyed
in Port Moresby last year.

“There is everything to be gained from deeper co-operation with our partners to improve
our capacity to help our producers, particularly SMEs.
“Our people in rural communities in agriculture or fisheries, or exporters of other products,
can expand greatly in what they sell around the country and to the world.
“As a Government we will continue to improve our infrastructure and supply chains,
increase investment deepen regional co-operation”

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