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No One asked me to resign, Govt intact, says PNG PM O'Neill

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says NO member of Parliament from his group has ever asked him to resign from office.

NBC News had asked Mr O'Neill to confirm if MP's had defected from his government, after he refused to resign when they'd asked him to.

"No body has ever asked me to step down as prime minister.

"Those who've defected, not one single one of them have contested for the (party) leadership.

"We've had discussions quite frankly in our own party about leadership issues and I've told the party that I don't have to be a leader to lead our party, but in their wisdom they have reaffirmed my position as leader of the party.

"I've been leading this party close to 20 years," Mr O"Neill said.

Meantime, Prime Minister O'Neill has reaffirmed that the government is still intact.

"The government is well and truly solid, intact and we are ready to work.

"As you can see we have the coalition leaders like Sir Julius Chan, Peter Yama, Minister Duma, Minister Basil, former prime minister Wingti, and all the other leaders who have shown courage to support their government that is working for the people of this country," Mr O'Neill said.

He adds that they've adjourned Parliament for three weeks in order to properly fill out the gaps in ministries left vacant by those ministers who've defected to the opposition.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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