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PNG Politics : Parliament Speaker Accepts Opposition's Vote of No Confidence Motion

The Opposition has issued a notice of a motion for the Vote of No Confidence against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill late yesterday and the Parliament Speaker accepted it by signing on it.

Sinesine-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua said the motion was moved by Opposition Leader and Aitape-Lumi MP Patrick Pruaitch and seconded by Abau MP, Sir Puka Temu.

Mr Kua said the motion was supported and signed by 16 other MP's which include Sir Peter Ipatas, Belden Namah, Allan Bird, Peter Numu, Ian Ling Stuckey, Salio Waipo, Joe Sungi, John Simon, Bryan Kramer, Timothy Masiu, Manasseh Makiba, Davis Steven, Philip Undialu, Pogio Ghate, Geofferey Kama and Richard Mendani.

"After Parliament ibin adjourn na mipla kam arasait, mipla deliverim igo long Speaker notice of motion blo mipla, na dispela em copy blo em.

"Yupla iken lukim em sainim na signature blo em stap antap long hia, na em putim date na time tu. 1745pm em taim em ibin receivim displa notice of motion.

"So what office bilong Speaker ibai mekim, ol ibai processim and then ol ibai putim dispela motion igo long han bilong Private Business Committee na from there em bai igo insait long chamber for a vote to be taken," Mr Kua explained.

Kerenga Kua also said any Vote of No Confidence Motion is not an ordinary motion, but a constitutional requirement that is why a Supreme Court ruling in 2016 had ruled that Parliament should sit and deliberate on it despite an adjournment.

The Government used its numerical strength, voting 59 to 50, to adjourn Parliament to May 28.

Meantime, Speaker Job Pomat has confirmed receiving the motion of the Vote of No Confidence.

Mr Pomat told reporters at a press conference people must understand that the vote does not happen immediately after the motion is filed.

He says after the motion is filed, it will go on the notice paper for deliberation after seven days.

Mr Pomat says the democratic process must be respected.

"People of Papua New Guinea o ibin expectim vote of no confidence to kamap tete (Tuesday 07.05). But igat process blo em long how em mas kamap.

"Ino tete (Tuesday) em bai kamap.

"Ol lain long apsait, ol Opposition, imas givim notice long Speaker, na ol i givim pinis mi toksave.

"Nau tasol ya yupla kam wait istap na mi go, mi go long receivim dispela notice bilong ol, long ol ilaik movim motion bilong vote of no confidence.

"Bai mi larim due process bilong dispela imas kamap," Mr Pomat explained.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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