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Pangu Executive’s rejects proposition to have Marape as Leader of Pangu Party.

The Pangu Party Morobe Branch President, Mr. Wiliong and his Secretary, Sinur Atang have rejected the proposition that James Marape will take over the Pangu Party Leadership from Ginson Saonu.

Wilion strongly asserted that Morobe owns Pangu Party and must head it. If Marape wants the Party leadership, he must demonstrate this in the 2022 National Elections by winning seats as was the case of Sam Basil when he led Pangu in 2017.

Conflicting stories were published today by the Post Courier asserting that Marape is the Party Leader since moving with his 14 defected PNC members into the Pangu camp boosting Pangu's number to 21, this further angered Wilion and his team in Morobe who wants Saonu to maintain the party leadership.

Marape with his 14, is posing as the default Pangu Party and Opposition Leader.

What seems to be a winning coalition is putting stress on the other coalition partners such as National Alliance whose numbers have suddenly been reduced by Pangu's 21.

Pruaitch is rumoured to call an emergency meeting this week to discuss NA's position with the Opposition as Marape's 21 is highlighting the Opposition leadership.

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