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Police to step up operations in PNG's Capital Port Moresby

POLICE in Papua New Guinea's capital Port Moresby stepped up operations last week and will continue until the end of this month.
Over 1,000 police personnel were deployed onto the streets of Port Moresby last week in anticipation of a vote of no confidence being taken against the Government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Additional police from the National Police Headquarters, the Special Services Division (SSD), Dog Unit, Water Police, Central Police, and the Bomana Police College were deployed within NCD to provide manpower to support the Special Police Operation for the VONC.

Police set up check-points at all roads linking to the Parliament Haus and thoroughly checked all vehicles and members of the public moving in and out of the area.
Police personnel were also deployed in other main centres of the city to maintain peace and prevent opportunistic crimes.
The Special Police Operations will continue until the Vote of No-Confidence is taken.
According to the officials of the National Parliament, the process for a VONC begins when the Opposition register its intentions with the office of the Speaker of the National Parliament. It is then examined by the Private Business Committee of which the Speaker is the chairman. If all requirements are met then it will be listed on the Notice Paper. A period of seven days is allowed after which a vote can be taken.
The National Parliament reconvenes on 28 May 2019.

Picture and caption below:
Pictures 1 and 2: Police and parliament security personnel checking vehicles and members of the public at the main road leading to the Parliament haus during last week’s parliament sitting.

Pictures 3&4: Police personnel setting up road block and checking vehicles at the back road heading to the Parliament Haus during last week’s parliament sitting.

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