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PNG PM O'Neill calls for Regional Cooperation

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has called for increased information sharing between the region’s intelligence and security agencies.

PNG PM Peter O'Neill
Speaking at the opening of the South Pacific Intelligence Dialogue, co-hosted by Papua New Guinea and Australia in Port Moresby yesterday, Mr O’Neill said regional governments must take advantage of improvements in technology and security systems and share this information with each other to address shared geostrategic challenges.

“In the Pacific, we face ongoing risks to the exploitation of our natural resources, particularly in fisheries and forestry,” Mr O’Neill said.

“We also face threats from criminals attempting to move weapons and drugs through our land and waters, as well as other forms of transnational crimes including people smuggling.

“The latest developments in technology have brought our people and our governments much closer to each other.

“We can share information in real time, and track movements of criminals and their cargoes throughout our region.

“Working together, we are much stronger, and much more capable to protect our people.”
Mr O’Neill said when it comes to regional intelligence, policing and information sharing, it was a different world than 20 years ago.

“Today, information sharing and regional co-operation must be at the forefront of our thinking. This matters for our trade and commerce, and the enhancement of our ongoing development.

“For PNG, the APEC Summit was a watershed time in our participation in regional security co-operation.

We worked closely with our partners on a range of security and intelligence issues and delivered a successful and safe APEC year that culminated with the Leaders’ Summit.

“The close partnerships we developed in our country are at the heart of what this South Pacific dialogue is seeking to achieve on a regional level.”...statement

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