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PNG Govt to review Social Media

Papua New Guinea Prime Mininster Minister Peter O’Neill has warned that a review of the use of social media is imminent to address the circulation of “fake news”.
“It is destroying our people and destroying our society. We’ve lived in peace and harmony for thousands of years without social media,” he said.
“I want to assure you all that the first responsibility of the Minister for Communication (Koni Iguan) will be to review the social media in the country to make sure that correct information, the truth and facts, are circulated so that the people are well informed of what is happening in the country.
“Fake news is destroying our country. Recently we had (a) young person killed in Boroko. So this must be put to an end.”
The new-look Cabinet will meet on Thursday to “look at how we can best mange the use of social media in the country”.
Meanwhile, he apologised to the people for the delay in tabling the Independent Commission Against Corruption Bill.
Minister for Justice and Attorney-General Alfred Manase has been tasked to make sure the bill is tabled in the next session of Parliament beginning on May 28.
“The Government is working with the Attorney-General’s office and the ICAC office to make sure that the bill sees the light of day. I’m sorry that it has taken this long. It is not that the Government has been trying to stop the bill. Officials have been delaying it.”
He also said the Government would undertake several major policy reforms “in response to the wishes of the people”.
He said the Government had “listened to the people and their wishes” and would correct ways it had been “doing business”.
For example, it will make adjustments to how it collects revenue, meaning some of Kumul Holdings structures will be restructured, particularly Kumul Petroleum and Kumul Mining....read more on Papua New Guinea Technology site : PNGeHow 

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