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PNG Politics : Opposition joins Marape Camp, 57 in Camp

The alternate government has confirmed a total number of 57 Members of Parliament at the Laguna Hotel camp.

This comes after the Opposition team of 24 MP's joined the Marape camp which this morning had 33 MP's.

Tari-Pori MP James Marape welcomed the Opposition saying the Opposition had been a constant and stable force keeping the government in check.

"You've stand out in faith and I'm so humbled and thrilled that the Opposition Leader who is a very esteemed friend and experienced politician and leader of our country, and to everyone my greatest and sincere appreciation on behalf of my body of leaders.

"We have 32 in the house, we're focusing for 33, the 33rd is being picked up as we speak, the Hon Sasindran Muthuvel.

So if there's 33 in the house and 24 comes across, ladies and gentlemen the alternate government is here," Mr Marape said.

Meantime Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch commended Mr Marape and others who have broke ranks with the O'Neill-Abel government to form the alternate government of like-minded leaders.

He says it is high time young leaders emerge.

"On behalf of the Opposition I again take the opportunity to congratulate the Hon James Marape from taking the lead in resigning from government after serving many years as finance minister.

"On top of that let me also place on record and congratulate the other ministers who have also resigned, of course the governors too, we must also congratulate them for coming out as well.

"(For the ministers) foregoing their privileges of being state ministers, to hear the people's cries," Mr Pruaitch said.

The Laguna camp is now under a lock down with 57 MP's already surpassing the required 56 to vote a new Prime Minister in the upcoming Vote of No Confidence.

Parliament will resume on Tuesday May 7.

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