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Political Prostitutes in PNG

Political Commentary by Brian Folock 

I met a prostitute the other day at Boroko in NCD. She was beautiful, in her late 20's and from a known province.

She came by and we drove off to my hotel. I knew she would expect me to give her some money but I explained to her along the road that was broke that day. She could not believe my financial distress because of my decent approach. So I interjected to drop her off but she shook her head reminding me not to worry.

We spent few hours in my room and dropped her off at the same pick up location.

The hotel and room was booked for a month by my employer. I was on duty travel. I reiterated these information so that she could visit me anytime.

So that afternoon, she left me without asking me for anything. We had consented to make love for the love and art of it.

I drove around the city till nightfall and returned back to my hotel. The 6pm news came on and at the same time, I heard a knock on my door. It amused me wondering whom but instantly, I calculated it could be her. There she stood at the door way in front of a coupe of policemen at her back.

"You are under arrest. You will come with us to report to the police station."

And everybody might want to ask why like I did. Well, why did she say no at the first place is the moral of this story.

Back to politics. When UBS Loan was first on the drawing board, why didn't these renegade politicians say no and resigned enmass? Former Kandep MP Don Polye did exactly that and now, when the issue resurfaced, and that it's still untried, why can't someone admit to Papua New Guinea how much was stolen by PMPO? Isn't now the opportune time?

I have never seen MPs in a government at any one material time in heated arguments over government decisions in their infantry stages. I have never seen MPs moving out in groups due to dissatisfaction over policies and decisions let alone VONC times.

And when MPs move, they move like flock of birds. Flock of birds move in search of food, for fear of predators and during seasons. Papua New Guinea parliamentarians act like flock of birds. Their actions do not exemplify what they preach to reason their movements rather than being power hungry, for fear of their corrupt deals etc.

Currently, 17 PNC MPs and serving cabinet ministers left PNC through an enmass resignation. When one physically visit their constituencies, most have failed to deliver (few are exempted). Many of them have hidden corrupt deals whilst some have zero to nil performance records.

The current PM knows the background of these MPs very well. He has blocked their fundings. He has agents all over the country who feed him with information which are authentic. Papua New Guinea's general public are his watchdogs. And given the contemporary level of technology like phones, social media, etc, most of the information he receives are genuine and real.

Yet these men are pointing figures at PMPO but the very figures they pointing is only one but four are pointing back at them.

I urge these renegade politicians to specify, pinpoint, in simple language with facts and figures of how and when and or where PMPO stole public funds, which projects and contracts he applied for his personal use through his companies or cronies instead of shallow and general accusations.

I also wish to see these MPs taking up those issues they leveling against the PM to the Courts and have him implicated and prove him guilty. Today is the right time to do.

I hate to see MPs nagging like the prostitute above who consented to offer her body to me knowing my financial distress.

During the recent Parliament session, the government still had its numbers and took control of the Parlaiment swiftly. That period inside the Parliament was not an ordinary day where we would expect normal parliament sessions. It was a period of political power play when the house was to introduce the motion of VONC, when serving cabinet members backflipped and wanted to remove the very government they consented to have sex with, and a period when the government was in disarray given their renegade actions or resignations.

And at that instance, what did they expect, PMPO to give in easily to them? Where was the nimber 58 they propagated very loudly?

Now they are nagging about the Speaker. Now they are complaining the Speaker was unfair. Now they want the Parliament to be recalled. If it's recalled, where is their number they think they have to dethrone PMPO?

The common issue we Papua New Guineans facing now is cash flow problem. Its hitting us very badly. We don't need a change of anything but wish to see an improvement on the cashflow. That's what the PM and his government needs to give priority and consider.

By far, PMPO is the best PM.

We don't need political prostitutes. We need leaders who could fight among themselves in deciding what's best for this country.

Complain lo taim blo complain and resign or move igokam lo taim blo do. Not during VONC or election times for their loud noises hold no water. Maski lo kamap pamuk meri osem disala wantok blo mi antap. Act like leaders.

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