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Martina dares to think outside the box

Martina Yauieb is one of a growing number of women in Papua New Guinea who have become successful business owners through sheer drive and passion.

The 36-year-old started Global Real Estate Facility in 2013 and since then the company has grown to six employees with around 800 to 1,000 clients.

But it was Martina’s vision to further grow the business using digital marketing and more innovative online systems that led her to attend the PNG Digital Marketing Summit in April this year.

“Purchasing a home, entails a lot of paper work – contracts, land titles and bank papers. This paperwork then moves between different groups of people, such as the buyers, lawyers and lending officers,” explained Martina.

“So the whole point of being at the summit is to learn or take home some advice on how best to transition from a paper-based office to an online system.”

The summit attracted business owners, investors, marketing and sales executives and technology enthusiasts. Facilitated by LinkPad Design owner Ian Hetri, the two-day course was held in Port Moresby and supported by the Papua New Guinea Australia Partnership.

Guest speakers included Zha Agabe-Granfar, founder of Port Moresby brand and marketing agency Verge, and Des Yaninen Chief Executive Officer of Pacifund, a financial services consulting firm.

Martina said the summit helped her learn about the different online methods being used by other Papua New Guineans to grow and make their businesses more efficient.

“Summits, such as this, provide an opportunity to learn, participate and become a lot more innovative. It is also empowering and creates that space to openly discuss concepts and bounce ideas off each other – and best of all, it’s run by Papua New Guineans,” said Martina.

The next PNG Digital Marketing Summits will be held 30 to 31 August in Popondetta and 29 to 30 November in Lae.

The PNG Digital Marketing Summits are part of a suite of enterprise development initiatives supported by the PNGAusPartnership that are helping PNG businesses connect with domestic and international market places and readying them for the digital future.


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