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Sam Koim to chase K5 billion Tax gap

PNG Acting Commissioner General of the Internal Revenue Commission, Sam Koim, says he will be brutal in recouping a tax gap of K5bn.

Treasurer, Sam Basil who installed Mr Koim in office, made the revelations, that some individuals, companies and businesses have not been paying taxes since 2016.

Minister Basil has tasked Mr Koim, who was formerly head of the anti-corruption body, Task Force Sweep, well-known and credited for its aggressive stance against corruption, to recoup this massive figure.

On Twitter yesterday, Mr Koim says he has settled into office and is ready to begin his new role.

"When you have K18bn under-reporting, when you have K5bn tax debt that is yet to be collected, the challenges are huge and mammoth.

"I come not with a one-size-fits-all solution, but I will be part of the team to reduce the challenge, to mitigate it.

"We will employ a team to make sure we go after those who are evading tax."

NBC News/ PNG Today

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