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Father of Three dies from Crocodile attack

A father of three has died after a crocodile overturned the canoe he was in and took him underwater in Baimuru, Gulf Province on Tuesday.

Kerema Police Station Commander Michael Pakyei says the victim, Sepu Lau, and his two daughters were out fishing last Wednesday in a swamp when the crocodile attacked.

He says Mr Lau and his daughters were in a canoe floating a fishing net when a huge crocodile swam up from underneath and overturned the canoe, throwing the trio into the water.

The two girls swam safely to the river banks while the crocodile disappeared underwater with Mr Lau.

He says the girls alerted villagers who immediately blocked off the mouth of the swamp and searched for Mr Lau.

Baimuru police also assisted the villagers in the search, which continued until the next day, when Mr Lau’s body was found.
Inspector Pakyei said Mr Lau’s body was taken to Kerema hospital for postmortem examination.

His body was returned to the village for burial yesterday.  FM 100/ PNG Today

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