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PNG Politics : Sir Mekere joins Marape govt

The Member for Moresby North West Sir Mekere Morata has defected to the government.

Sir Mekere announced his move to the media yesterday, saying his intention to cross is to help the Marape-led government resuscitate the country's economy.

Speaking figuratively, Sir Mekere says the ship MV PNG is been battered by cyclonic conditions and the captain needs a lot of help to chart a better way forward for the country and people

"The captain, the prime minister, needs help. A lot of help.

"Now he has already marked the most important crew, engineers, captains, course directors, mechanics, but he needs general crew and the deck hands.

"So I am moving across as a deck hand at the prime minister's call to give help if I must do".

Prime Minister James Marape welcomed Sir Mekere's decision to join the government saying his government needs like-minded leaders to navigate the country out of stormy waters.

"We want to ensure we get the right people on hand to ensure we put in place policy programs, work strategies that can ensure we mitigate out from this stormy waters, especially the tough economic conditions we are faced with.

"It doesn't help when our economy is struggling. The economy needs stimulus, the economy needs new directions, new interventions and so our team is comforted".

NBC News/ PNG Today

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