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New Zealand Govt Commits Massive $60 million for PNG Rural Electrification

The New Zealand government has committed a massive 60 million dollars or about 125 Million Kina to assist with the PNG Rural electrification program.

The program which was jointly announced during the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) summit last year between 5 countries, is aimed at progressing the PNG government's development goal of bringing power to its rural communities by 2030.

Just before his departure from Port Moresby today, New Zealand's Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters made this announcement.

“The goal of the partnership is to help PNG connect 70 percent of its population to electricity by 2030.

That is a massive challenge which I’m sure you will appreciate better than I.

“But its outcome if it is successful which should be our objective, will be a life changer for this country,” Mr. Peters said.

The other partner countries include Australia, United States, and Japan.

Meantime, Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand Winston Peters has described Papua New Guinea as a 'leader' and 'economic heavy weight' in the Pacific region.

Mr. Peters said PNG is also the gateway to Asia, thus New Zealand wishes to further enhance its ties with PNG by working closely with the Marape-Steven Government.

The NZ delegation were in the country for two days, renewing and strengthening bilateral relations with PNG.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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