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PNG Health Authorities destroy condemned assorted Drinks

NCDC Environmental Health Division is condemning four containers of assorted Gogo Cola stocks valued over K160, 000, belonging to Pacific Industries Limited (PIL), which were shipped to Port Moresby from its factory in East New Britain.

It was found that the beverage stocks were damaged during its transportation through which they came into direct contact with sea water.

The condemnation action was made possible this morning following the beverage manufacturer which voluntarily contacted the division to inspect and supervise the proper and safe destruction of these beverages.

Commending the company for complying with public health standards, health inspectors Mathew Laba and George Karalio said the damage had affected the integrity of the product and its packaging.

The duo said they were not fit for human consumption as they were posing public health risks.

“We would like to state that we were not there to investigate the manufacturing process of the product, but purely to supervise the safe and proper destruction of the product. There is no concern regarding the manufacturing of the product and it is purely related to the product being damaged during transport,” they said.

They said they were going to serve a condemnation certification on the containers of beverages, adding once it is done, they will become a State property so that proper destruction will be carried out immediately under the supervision by NCDC health inspectors.

They called on other law abiding corporate citizens to report similar incidents if there is any in future.


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