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PNG Police Minister Kramer wants to be a Policeman, says former PM Peter O'Neill

Former Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has accused Police Minister Kramer for interference in the police force. Mr. O'Neill said this  in a statement after acting Police Commissioner released arrest warrant on him.

"I have seen the social media statement put out by the Acting Commissioner, on the direction of his close acquaintance the current Police Minister, saying there is a warrant for my arrest.

The fact that the Acting Commission would choose to make this announcement in on social media, and not through official representation to my office, is telling that this is a political move.

I was not informed or presented with a warrant to appear anywhere today from any member of the RPNGC.

If this was a serious matter, not a political power play, a formal process would be in place that would have seen legal representation made to my office.

The claims made by the Acting Commissioner are false and fabricated in a clumsy way by the Police Minister and relate to renovations to the Yangaum Health Centre in Madang, which happens to be the province of the Police Minister.

The question must also be asked, since when is it criminal to help community projects for health and education?

If someone has mismanaged the funds, they should be dealt with, not people trying to assist and this nonsense from the Police Minister trying to be a policeman.

As Prime Minister I was never the custodian of the funds sent to Madang for the Yangaum Health Centre for renovations to repair the run-down hospital.

This blatant interference in police operations must be referred to the Ombudsman Commission for investigation and the misuse of power by the Police Minister and his long-time friend and acquaintance that he appointed as Acting Commissioner.

I will make myself available at any time to hear this complaint, but I warn any member of the RPNGC who might be part of the Police Minister’s political unit, to think carefully and respect and honour the oath you swore to our Nation.

This is a time for our hard-working men and women in our disciplined services to remember that you are independent of politics, and should not be part of this Kramer corruption and the misuse of our proud police force.'


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