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Plastic ban embraced in Port Moresby

The PNG government's ban on plastic bags is being well embraced in the city with shops which have started serving customers with paper and biodegradable bags.

It was effective on Friday 01, November, 2019.

This reception comes amidst regulatory and compliance concerns have been raised by Manufacturers Council of PNG on the part of the government.

However, NCD Governor Powes Parkop, an advocate of environment conservation and protection, welcomes the ban.

Last year, Mr Parkop signed on a petition to show the city’s commitment to say no to the single use of plastic bags.

His 'One Million Trees' initiative has been complemented by the ban.

Plastic bags and products, he said, are a huge problem for the world as well as the city.

He is calling on city residents to bring their own bags from home to shops for shopping.

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