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PNG govt must manage Bougainville Referendum carefully : O'Neill

Former PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says the current  govt must manage Bougainville Referendum carefully.  "The question before our people of Bougainville in the coming weeks is one of the most important public votes in our Nation’s history.

The Bougainville Peace Process started under the People’s National Congress Government led by Sir William Skate, so it is of great importance to our party and the Government we led for the past eight years.

I am concerned at the level of awareness that has been undertaken that would enable voters to make an informed decision.

Now the vote must be undertaken in a peaceful manner, properly supported by our security forces to ensure transparency and public confidence, then after the vote the ensuing process properly is managed.

We cannot go back to the crisis and loss of life, we have to all work together to ensure the peace and unity of our people" says O'Neill.

Meanwhile, some 206,731 voters have been certified in the autonomous region, across mainland Papua New Guinea, in Australia and the Solomon Islands who will be expected to make their mark on polling day.

The only female commissioner of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, said she believes there's a fair representation of female and male voters for Saturday's referendum vote.

Commissioner Ruby Miringka, said she's satisfied both the male and female voters are well represented

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