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PNG Opposition's case challenging PM Marape's election further adjourned

Papua New Guinea Opposition leader Belden Namah’s Supreme Court Reference challenging the constitutionality of the election of James Marape as Prime Minister has been adjourned for further directions
The matter went before Justice Derek Hartshorn yesterday but was adjourned to November 18.
Mr Namah filed the reference on September 23 following the withdrawal of an identical reference by the then Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch when he moved to join the government.
The reference seeks a legal interpretation of the election of Mr Marape as Prime Minister on May 30, 2019, following for the ousting of former prime minister Peter O’Neill.
The Supreme Court reference seeks specific interpretation of whether or not Mr O’Neill’s withdrawal of his own nomination for Prime Minister instead of the nominator was unconstitutional. Mr Namah announced in September that he had filed an application pursuant to section 18 (1) of the Constitution.
“I just want to emphasize that this matter is of a very substantial constitutional issue and all the questions raised from the election of James Marape as Prime Minister on May 30, 2019, must be answered, and the only forum, the only proper place of that to happen is in the courts.
“I respect the decision of the former Opposition leader (Patrick Pruaitch) but as the new Opposition leader I have a duty to my people of Vanimo-Green and to the people of this country to ensure that there are checks and balances within the government of the day.
“It is our duty to ensure that even the laws of the land are abided by and if it means that there are some challenges we need to take it up to the courts, we will do so without fear or favour and as such this particular application is filed.
“We will ensure that as a team of five in the Opposition we stand united to ensure to see to the final outcome of this reference.” 


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