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PNG Police Minister Kramer Deliberately Leaked State secrets So Must Be Decommissioned : O'Neill

Statement by former PNG PM and Member for Ialibu Pangia,  Peter O'Neill

The Prime Minister James Marape is now left with no other option but to decommission Bryan Kramer after he deliberately released privileged Cabinet information on Facebook.
In the evening of 21 November, the Police Minister posted confidential information on the 2020 budget ahead of finalisation by Cabinet and tabling in the National Parliament. The post has since been removed from Facebook.

In a move that goes against the authority of the Treasurer, Finance Minister, National Planning Minister, and other economic planners, Kramer released details of the National Planning Department 2020 Capital Investment Budget.
This action is misconduct in office as a breach of constitutional duty and can attract a criminal penalty under Section 23 of the Constitution.
The National Executive Council is a place of high national security, and under the Constitution of our country, deliberations, discussions and the details of Cabinet documents are privileged.
He even naively noted that he was posting details from NEC discussion on the 2020 budget papers, which further demonstrates his inability and lack of capacity to hold a Cabinet position.
Cabinet privilege does not belong to Kramer and under law he is not allowed to ignore this privilege.
Once again the Prime Minister is being called upon to show leadership and himself respect the Constitution and Cabinet Convention by removing Bryan Kramer from his Cabinet.
Further, the Minister should be referred to the Ombudsman Commission for breach of the Leadership Code.
How many times have we seen this Minister defy acceptable standards of ministerial conduct, or acted inappropriately and been referred for criminal charges, only for the Prime Minister to turn a blind eye. This only feeds rumours that Kramer has threatened James Marape, and the Prime Minister should not stand for this.
We now await a response from the Prime Minister on how he will deal with the mess that he created in appointing Bryan Kramer as a Minister of State, an appointment way beyond the competence of this Member for Madang.

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