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Port Moresby water woes as Koarie Landowners shut down Water supply

Koiari landowners have shut down water supply to Port Moresby city  in protest of outstanding payments from the government.

Koiari landowners say the shutdown at Rounda 2 will be for an indefinite period.

Spokesman Minsy Iarea says they are sorry that city residents are being affected but it is a stand they must take to draw government attention.

Koiari landowners have been asking for government for royalties for the use of the water coming from their land

Recently K5 million was approved under the O'Neill government for clan vetting processes in the Koiari area.

How ever Mr Iarea says they were only able to draw down 8 hundred thousand kina.

He says a few weeks ago they went to the government seeking answers to why the Chief Secretary Issac Lupari put a stop to the withdrawal of K4.2 million.

Iarea says they received no answer as the chief secretary and other authorities kept hiding from them.

Iarea says they will only release water supply and allow normalcy to PNG power and Eda Ranu operations when chief secretary Issac Lupari brings in person the outstanding fund of K4.2 Million.

FM 100 news/ PNG Today

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