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Wong rebuts Opposition Leader Namah's Comments on PNG's Response to Australia Bushfires

Papua New Guinea Health-HIV/AIDS Minister Hon Jelta Wong today rebutted the comments made by Opposition Leader Hon Belden Namah in regards to Papua New Guinea Governments response to the Australian Bush Fire.

“I expected more coming from a Military man but I am not all surprised by the statement made by the Leader of Opposition,” he said.

Minister Wong said in a time when we are not at war our Prime Minister Hon James Marape is promoting our Defense Force through peace and humanitarian efforts which are beneficial at this time for the Australian Bush Fire situation.

“I am very much not happy that a former top strategist from our very own defence force and now currently holds the title of Opposition Leader would make such a outburst,” Minister Wong stated.

“ Please Hon Belden Namah this Government under Prime Minister James Marape is about building bridges and better utilizing our Defence Force where it actually matters,” he said.

Minister Wong said it has always not been about war with our Defence Force where the institutionsupported a career path for many Papua New Guineans in various professions that were very much accustomed to nation building agendas as well.

“ The Defence Force of Papua New Guinea can be a career path for our younger generation similar to what other countries in the world today are practicing where they are moving their country forward in all aspects,” Minister Wong stated.

Minister Wong said Hon Belden Namah should not resort to mocking our Prime Minister in such times when we stand ready to assist a neighbor country very close to us.

“Lives have been lost already and I urge our Leader Hon Belden Namah to set aside cheap politics and try to work together genuinely to help Australia in the perfect Melanesian Way,” he said.

Minister Jelta Wong said the Health Ministry is ready to send a Team of Nurses from Papua New Guinea anytime soon down to assist in the Humanitarian Efforts in Australia once the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade approves the submission presented.

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