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PNG Opposition Leader Namah blasts PM Marape for pretending to send 1,000 troops to Australia

 Prime Minister James Marape went into the newspapers today saying 1,000 PNGDF and fire fighters are going to Australia to fight fires, but this is a disgusting lie in which he is using the misery and death we see in Australia for self-promotion, says PNG Opposition leader Belden Namah.

"There is no arrangement in place with Australia to send 1,000 troops, and this is confirmed by the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby.

The first question James Marape should ask himself is; Are any of these 1,000 troops he intends to send have any experience in Bush Fire Disasters? Otherwise we are going to have some serious casualties on our side as well.

Have any logistics been worked out? Have any plans been made? How will the troops get there and how will they be housed? The answer is nothing has been arranged.

This is just more hot air from PMJM who dreams out loud but his dreams never turn into reality.

But then he knows his sweet talk is just that and designed to get him newspaper headlines. Just look at the front pages today, Both newspapers were hoodwinked into thinking this is a real activity, no it is just PMJM speaking hot air.

But he cannot fool me because I am a former Army officer and I know how these arrangements work, and I know this is all make-believe from this dreamer PM. You cannot just tell Australia we have 1,000 troops to send into your disasters zone, send us some aircraft to pick them up, then house them and feed them and pay their allowances at your expense.

Seriously, any military man or woman would tell the Prime Minister this is not how it works and as a former military officer it makes me so mad that he is using our soldiers for self-promotion. The newspapers should have asked for details and now I hope they do now. This is in direct contrast to Australia’s Prime minister, Hon. Scott Morrison, who was able to detail every part of the Australian Defence Force deployment for bushfires with details of where troops would be sent and in what number, as well as other military assets that are being deployed.

Australia is our dearest friend, and what we are seeing in these fires break our hearts and makes us cry.

We must do everything we can, everything. But we should not pretend that we are doing something that we are not.

The Prime Minister should be ashamed of himself for trying to capitalise and promote himself on the back of the terrible destruction we are seeing in Australia at the moment.

James Marape should make an apology to the people of Australia for feeding on human misery for self-promotion.”


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