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Marape-Steven Government’s call for advance tax ‘low, shameful’, says PNG Opposition leader Namah

Papua New Guinea OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has slammed the Government’s request to companies to pay tax in advance, saying “it was low and shameful”.
Namah told a press conference last week that the Government should not be asking companies to pay their taxes in advance because it was “a very bad precedent”.

“What if they pay the tax in advance and then the Government uses that money, what will then happen?” he asked.
“Do we continue to ask them to keep paying taxes in advance?”

“This is very shameful.” Namah said the Government did not have the money to fund the Budget and they must tell the country the truth. Meanwhile, Namah said the Government’s increased tax rates on logging companies had forced many logging companies to shut down their operations. The National/Statement/PNG Today

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