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PNG NCSL members to get funds credited into their accounts

NASFUND Contributions Savings and Loans Society (SNCL) members will have their accounts credited this afternoon.

NCSL Board Chairman Ian Tarutia in a news conference this afternoon said members will have an interest rate of 6.7%  paid into their accounts.

Mr. Tarutia also announced K12. 09 million profit for the society after allowing for K2.1 million in interim interest to members in 2019.

He says after a statutory reserving of 20%, NCSL will pay an additional K9.6million to its members.

This brings a total of K11.7million or 6.7% paid to NCSL members for the 2019 financial year.

Mr. Tarutia says despite a challenging year, the society performed well delivering positive results.

In 2018, the society paid a total of 5.8% in interest crediting rate to its members.

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