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PNG PM Marape brushes aside claims of abuse of K23 million COVID-19 funds

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape has brushed aside claims of  misuse of COVID-19 funds. He said this after Treasurer Ling-Stuckey was quoted saying K23 million of COVID-19 emergency funds were being misused on  Media consultants and Hire Cars.

The Prime Minister posted via social media and cleared the air on the Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey's  media misquote on C19 of K23 million funds.

' To clear Treasurer ILS’s media misquote of most C19 money spent on hire cars and media, may I assure all that I have checked on the spending of K23million we have passed through for the C19 fight.

So far only K6,151,951.80 has been spent, of that K4.2m paid to 21 PHAs ( provinces and Bougainville got K200,000 each to start preparations), K1.5m to Air Niugini for freight cost, K150,528.40 to a WJ Niugini for POM gen isolation ward, K100,000 to St John Ambulances and K2,423.40 for More businesses for printing cheque books.

We have K16,748,048.20 still in account for other work and procurements of goods and services will be done in line with guidelines we putting on place under my office.

Going forward we will account to public scrutiny too as it is good governance practice because more funds will be funneled through for this essential work.

I will not allow misuse of money and profiteering at people’s expense but so far so good, I have witnessed from all hands on deck, a spirit of volunteerism at work, including Ministers Wong and Krammer.

I thank all our bilateral and multilateral partners for contributions thus far that has ensured our work and supply of materials, ppes and resources are constant.

We will ramp up into the month of April incase major corona spill over hits us in May 2020.

To the Central Province people, your Governor Hon R Agorobe plus MPs will be buying extra garden food and myself and Governor Parkop plus city MPs will collect to supply families who lost job or markets during this shut down period.

For teachers who had some pay deduction issues the last pay period ending, your Minister and department tells me that it is to do with your resumption forms so get in touch with relevant officials and correct that, we are not here to cut your legitimate pay.

These are few information I’d like to make at this time, stay in tune here from time to time because I will be using this medium.

My apologies if I don’t acknowledge your commentaries but please note when I have time I do read them in between work.

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