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Cancer Cases continue to increase in PNG

Port Moresby General Hospital’s new Radiation Oncologist to PNG Dr. Karthik Periasamy says PNG ranks third in the Oceania Region in cancer cases.

Dr. Periasamy is the husband of wife Dr. Priya Baskaran who are both Radiation Oncologists from India who have recently joined Port Moresby General Hospital.

The pair will engage with the local team at the hospital's new Comprehensive Cancer Centre once completed for treating cancer patients.

Dr. Periasamy says with the increase in Population growth in the recent years and with limited diagnostics methods, it is expected that the incidences of cancer will continue to rise.

In developed countries, cancer is the second most common cause of mortality after cardiovascular diseases and it is likely that cancer can exceed the cardiovascular disease in the next ten years, says Dr. Periasamy.

In the 2018 data, it shows that the number of new cases is 18million in the world and number of deaths is 9.5million and it has a mobility of over 50% this is the average world data.

And in PNG the number of new cases is around 12, 000 and the number of deaths is 7, 500 and the mortality rate is over 60%.

However, he says on the positive side the majority of cancer types can be preventable or are treatable and completely curable.

That is, it can be preventable through vaccination but not all cancers are preventable. For example Shear Cervix cancer and liver cancer can be prevented through vaccination.

“Lung and other cancers can be prevented by promoting a healthy lifestyle and by reducing smoking”, says Dr. Periasamy.

“Some cancers can be treatable and curable if they are diagnosed early through a nationwide training program or through cancer awareness program”.

“For cancer awareness we will need the help of the media”

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