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No More curfew for NCD and Central Provinces : Manning

The 10pm to 5am curfew in the National Capital District and Central Province have been lifted.

Emergency Controller David Manning said hotels and restaurants, major supermarkets and wholesalers with a valid liquor license are allowed to sell alcohol.

All public gatherings remained banned except for markets, supermarkets, fuel stations, seaports, airports, hotels, banks, pharmacies, healthcare providers, and other shops licensed to trade.

Nightclubs, gambling venues, and venues selling tickets for sports, musical or cultural activities also remain banned.

All public transport has resumed with limited passengers

Customary and other gatherings are restricted to 4 persons or less.

All persons must continue to observe social distancing requirements, and comply with safe and hygienic practices.

Sports and physical activity may continue as well as religious activities but for church services, there must be one and a half meters between each person, each person must wash hands with soap or sanitizer before entering or leaving the place of worship.

Bigger religious activities like crusades, conventions, and outreach programs are not allowed.

NBC News/ PNG Today

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