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Dr Sapuri Cautions Health Workers in PNG

A senior Papua New Guinea medical doctor said there's been a spike in the death rates from diseases such as Tuberculosis, other respiratory diseases, mental illness, and maternal and newborn mortalities during the Covid-19 period.

Deputy Chairman of National Health Board, Dr. Mathias Sapuri said there have also been more deaths from pneumonia and HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Sapuri said the high death rates are due to a scale down in the operations of health.

He emphasises that COVID-19 should not be used as an excuse to turn away patients from hospitals and health facilities.

Dr. Sapuri who is also the Chairman of West New Britain Provincial Health Authority said health facilities including that of Kimbe General Hospital must remain open so that people can access care and treatment for all existing medical conditions prior to the emergence of the global pandemic.

He said COVID-19 must not overshadow the core business of delivering routine health care and services to the people.

The country's senior medical doctor said health workers must remain vigilant in observing the new normal protocols and continue their work of serving the people.

Dr. Sapuri further adds WNB Provincial Health Authority had taken a drastic measure to contain the virus and protect frontline health workers by building a comprehensive facility.

He said COVID Centre will provide added capacity to provide care to the people not only for COVD-19 but other prevailing diseases.

NBC News/ File Photo: Dr. Sapuri FB wall

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