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Stop Work Threat Illegal, says secretary Sansan

Secretary for Department of Personnel Management Ms Taies Sansan has described the stop work threats made by the Medical Laboratory Technical Personnel Association (MLTPA) as unjustified.

Secretary Sansan said the threats which is being supported by General Secretary for Public Employees Association Mr Peter Toggs that appeared in the National newspaper on Friday 14th of August is illegal.

Ms Sansan said no front line health worker group such as the MLTPA would be in the right frame of mind to issue threats to the Government to pursue wage increases when the whole world is standing together to fight this covid-19 pandemic.

“The concerns for improvement in some areas of the terms and conditions related to the hardship imposed by the health risks for front line workers such as PPE and medical and life cover are genuine and subject of negotiations by all parties, the current pandemic must not be used by our frontline service providers to issue stop work threats through the media. It is completely illegal and not proper to issue stop work threats with 5 day’s ultimatum when the process of assessing the Log of Claims had just commenced.”

Secretary Sansan clarified that the claims submitted by the MLTPA during the State of Emergency period has been responded to by the Department of Personnel Management and the Association’s feedback was only received on the 07th August (2020). The Department is currently working on it and will facilitate further discussions with all stake holders.

“It is disappointing that the associations with the backing of PEA has gone ahead and issued stop work threat with 5 days’ ultimatum when the consultation process is still on foot. My Department will consult key stakeholders including Department of Health and other relevant central agencies to address the claims however, we are unable to commence further consultation and negotiations under the duress of unnecessary stop work threats as it is illegal for the association to take that option.”

Secretary Sansan has formally written to the association and PEA to remove the illegal stop work threat and advised them to follow the normal process consistent with the relevant laws and policies on conduct of industrial relations in the public service.

The call for stop work without completing the industrial relations process is illegal and must not be entertained by the administrators of the industrial relations laws under Department of Labour & Industrial Relations and other relevant agencies.

Secretary Sansan said, separate letters have been written to relevant agencies to ensure due processes are followed by public sector industrial organisations such as MLTA & PEA to resolve issues amicably during this challenging times for the Government.

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