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PNG PM Marape announces new look Cabinet Ministers

The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister and Bougainville Affairs . James Marape has announced new look cabinet ministers for his government. Marape has appointed Sam Basil as  Deputy Prime Minister and   also takes care of Commerce and Industry.

1. PMJM holds responsibility over Bougainville 

2. Hon. Sam Basil, Deputy PM and Minister for Commerce and Industry. 

3. Hon. Ian Ling Stuckey- Minister for Treasury (NA Party) 

4. Hon. John Pundari, Minister Finance and Rural Development 

5. Hon. Rainbo Paita, Minister National Planning (Pangu)

6. Hon. William Duma, Minister State Enterprise(URP)

7. Hon. Soroi Eoe, Foreign Affairs and Trade (Pangu)

8. Hon. Joe Sungi, Minister Public Service (Pangu)

9. Hon. Walter Sconaubelt, Minister Forestry 

10. Hon. Johnson Tuke, Minister for Mining 

11. Hon. Michael Nali- Minister Works and Implemention

12. Hon. Jimmy Iguro , Minister Education 

13. Hon. Wesley Ramunai, Minister Higher Education and Sports 

14. Hon. Jelta Wong - Minister Health 

15. Hon. Wesley Nukundi, Minister Immigration and Boarder Security 

17. Hon. Tomait Kapili, Minister Labour and Empowerment (Kumul Mining added responsibility)

18. Hon. Henry Leonard ISI, Minister Tourism 

19. Hon. Sekie Akisa - Civil Aviation

20. Hon. Wera Mori- Environment and Conservation 

21. Hon. William Onguglo - Minister Police 

22. Hon. Bryan Kramer - Minister Justice

23. Hon. Win Daki - Minister for Correctional Services 

24. Hon. John Simon - Minister Agriculture 

25. Wage Goi - Minister for Community Development 

26. Hon. Solan Mirisim, Minister for Defense 

27. Hon. Timothy Masiu- Communication and Technology 

28. Hon. Tom Lino- Fisheries Ministry 

29. Hon. Pila Niningi - InterGovernment Relations

30. Hon. Justin Tjchenko, Housing 

31. Hon. John Rosso , Lands and Physical Planning 

32. Hon. Saki Soloma - Minister for Energy and Rural Development 

33. Hon. William Damb- Minister Transport

34. Hon. KerengaKua - Petroleum 

Full lineup for new look MarapeBasil Government for 2021-2022

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