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Police Investigate Two murders in Central

Central Police are investigating two murders related to domestic violence reported over the festive season in Brown River along the Hiritano Highway and Kemabolo in Rigo along the Magi highway. 

PPC Central Chief Inspector Tapp Opai said a Central man was arrested and detained for stabbing his wife to death in a domestic argument at Brown River on Christmas Eve. 

The body of the deceased woman, from the East New Britain Province was taken to Port Moresby General Hospital and placed in the mortuary. 

PPC Opai said a young man presumably in his 20s also died, after he was allegedly hit with a bottle across the head. The PPC said the suspect in this killing is expected to be arrested anytime this week. He said Central Police arrested and detained a total of 29 suspects mostly on charges relating to drunk and disorderly behavior over the festive period. Mr Opai said despite the killings, Central Police performed exceptionally well in maintaining peace and good order in many parts of the Central Province. He thanked his members for their tireless effort and also extended his appreciation to the people of Central for maintaining peace and good order in their respective villages and communities.

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