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University of Technology to host PNG's first Radiation Testing Facility

 The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNG Unitech)  will now host the country’s first dosimetry laboratory for all radiation tests in the country following a signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology (NISIT).

The facility is the first, to be located at the Department of Applied Physics will provide for all radioactive testing for equipment used in both public and private sectors in the country.

The MOU was witnessed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Commerce and Industry Sam Basil with other government heads of agencies that come under his ministry. 

The Deputy Prime Minister pledged the Government’s support for the facility’s establishment adding that the cost of the construction of the Testing Facility will be funded under the Government PIP and the construction will commence following the signing of this MOU.

“The benefits of such Testing Facility will include safeguarding all operators and users of radiation sources from international accepted radiation exposure limits set by IAEA, to assist the Radiation Safety Authority with its regulatory (licensing and enforcement) activities,” Mr Basil said.

“People, ordinary citizens as well as professional workers need to be monitored/tested in radiation application in in health care cover cancer machines like Cobalt 60 machines and Linear Accelerators and MRI Machines for diagnosis; also in mining and petroleum applications, surveillance systems such as body scanners, non-destructive testing (NDT) applications. These include soils testing nuclear gauges which are widely used in road and construction industry as well.”

NISIT director general Victor Gabi said the dosimetry facility will help them regulate the use of radio-active equipment and exposure to radioactive sources. 

“The dosimeters will allow us to measure how much radiation a person is exposed to is safe, and in line with the International Atomic Energy Agency guidelines” Mr Gabi said.

The Vice Chancellor, Dr Ora Renagi thanked the government for its continued support to the University and for utilizing the technical experts at the University to serve the people of the country.

Meanwhile, the University also announced the 2021 Acceptance list for Post Graduates, Undergraduates and non school leavers. The list can be accessed below.

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