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France Airforce Delivers Equipment to PNG as COVID-19 cases spike

 A French armed forces 235 aircraft has delivered 60 tents as response to the Papua New Guinea Covid-19 surge, the French Embassy says.

Ambassador Guillaume Lemoine welcomed the arrival of this shipment, accompanied by New Caledonia representative to PNG Alexandre Lafargue in Port Moresby yesterday.

According to a statement  from  France Embassy reads.  "Today, a Casa-235 of the French Armed Forces in New Caledonia  landed in Port Moresby with a shipment of supplies to support Papua New Guinea in its response to the ongoing Covid-19 surge.

French Ambassador Guillaume Lemoine welcomed its arrival alongside representatives from the National Control Centre for Covid-19"

These supplies were from Frances preposition strategic stock in Noumea established to assist under the Franz agreement to countries in the region affected by crisis.

This arrangement enabled a strong coordination with Australia and New Zealand to deliver relief assistance when requested by partner countries.

In the coming weeks, another shipment would arrive from Parish with personal protective equipment, antigen tests, oxygen therapy, related devices such as oxygen generators, a concentrators oxygen bezels, flow meters, plus oxymeters, low and high concentration, oxygen masks and transportable ventilation device.

France are working with PNG authorities on logistic solution to deliver aid (material, equipment, and medical team’s vaccines) within the country especially to places hard to reach by road or planes.

These assistance was organised from Parish under the supervision of the Crisis and Support Center of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The French Embassy in PNG thanked and acknowledge its valued partners, including the National Department of Health, National Control Centre for the Covid-19 and others.

Statement / PNG Today

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