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Manning : COVID-19 Tests are free at Public Hospitals

Authorities say COVID-19 tests done at the Rita Flynn Isolation facility in Port Moresby and other public health facilities throughout the country are free. 

Controller David Manning said this in response to reports on social media that health workers at the Rita Flynn are charging K50 for the tests.

'' Health Workers stationed at the testing site at Rita Flynn and other public health facilities around the country are duty-bound to provide these services to the public at no cost,'' said Manning.

Mr. Manning further said since the outbreak of COVID-19, health workers around the country have been doing their best to attend to all suspected cases that came forward for testing.

He said despite being under strength, health workers in the N.C.D and around the country have stood tall attending to the latest surge in the cases.

He has commended the efforts of health workers, doctors, and other medical professionals who have dedicated their lives to serving fellow citizens.

Statement / NBC / PNG Today

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