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Misreporting upsets NCD Regional Seat candidate Michael Kandiu

A candidate for the NCD Regional Seat and businessman has described a newspaper report naming him as bribing an election official in 2017 as misreporting. 

Michael Kandiu 

A distressed, Michael Kandiu has asked the National Newspaper to apologise or face court action. 

He says, the wording on the court ruling, published on today's front page was incorrectly twisted and has tarnished his name and reputation. 

Mr Kandiu assisted the court as a State witness in the case and denied making those payments in court.

The National Court relied on a signed agreement between the then NCD Election Manager Terence Hetinu, Mr Kandiu and one other.

Mr Kandiu told the media, that during the trial as a State witness, he stated that he never signed any agreement, and the signature under his name was not his. 

No arrests were made on him, as this was verified by police investigators. 

The court fell short of establishing where the money came from, but stated the K184, 300.00  was given to facilitate the win of Michael Kandiu to the NCD Regional Seat based on the agreement.

Hetinu was sentenced last Friday to 7 years in prison for official corruption.

NBC News / PNG Today

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