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PNG Elections : Growing Concerns over conduct of Supporters of Major Political Parties and candidates

The Papua New Guinea Registry of Political Parties and Candidates Commission has raised grave concerns on the conduct of supporters of major political parties and candidates at campaign rallies.

Acting Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates Commission Emmanuel Pok said they have observed that there is growing in-fighting between the major political parties, their candidates and supporters.

He said campaign rallies should not be on condemning each other, but rather healthy debates on the respective political party policies.

Mr. Pok said they observed several campaign rallies in the highlands region, and are worried about the behaviour and conduct of supporters, candidates and major political parties in Southern Highlands, Western Highlands and Eastern Highlands.

The Registry of Political Parties and Candidates Commission has been emphasising on the conduct of political parties and their candidates and supporters in the elections and one such is the Code of Conduct document.

The Registry encouraged the 53 registered political parties to sign this document, which would guide their conduct in the elections, however, only 47 political parties signed the document.

Meanwhile, supporters have been cautioned not to use the national election to spoil their ties and relationship with one and other.

According to the Registry of Political Parties and Candidates Commission, national elections come once in a five year term and supporters must be considerate about their life, including those around them.

NBC News  / PNG Today

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