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O'Neill announces Department of Agriculture to be based in Banz, Jiwaka Province

 Peter O’Neill in a campaign rally at Banz, Jiwaka Province has announced that the Department of Agriculture will relocate from Waigani to Banz if he forms Government following the National General Election next month.

“The people of Jiwaka deserve to have the head office of the National Department of Agriculture and Livestock based here in Banz with the rich, fertile soils of the Highlands region to motivate public servants and scientists each day to develop agriculture in our country”, said PNC Party Leader.

“Jiwaka Province was established a decade ago, but development has been too slow. PNC candidates like Mr William Roimb, Jiwaka Regional; Mai Dop, Jimi Open; Frank Goi, North Waghi and Molka Gibson Kum, Anglimp South Waghi have shown real professionalism and teamwork and have a clear plan under PNC to accelerate development in Jiwaka", said Member for Ialibu-Pangia.

“There is a place for Waigani public service, but we must move departments such as Agriculture out of Port Moresby and place it where it can best be surrounded by the farmers we need to help.”

PNC have also committed to re-engineer the National Development Bank into a full-service retail bank called the SME & Farmers Bank by January 2023.

“The headquarters for the SME & Farmers Bank will also be in Banz to ensure seamless integration between the bank and its famer and small business customers. We must spread employment opportunities and encourage our people to live in regional communities and in doing so, develop our agriculture sector and Jiwaka Province”, continued Mr. O’Neill. 

PNC also have promised one branch in every Province and District by 2030 to better serve the needs of our people.

“A PNC led Government will support the establishment and ongoing operations of the SME & Farmers Bank with K500 million each year in capital to allow on lending to small business and 

farmers at affordable interest rates and longer repayment terms to allow our people to build their businesses, farms and grow food right here in our country.”

"We must once and for all, develop agriculture and small business. We have had no success depending on the handout type culture that now seems to be at risk of overtaking our country", concluded Mr. O’Neill. 

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