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PNG Capital Port Moresby expects major development

Papua New Guinea's capital city, Port Moresby is will have state-of-the-art development. 

Downtown Port Moresby is expecting another major development, when the Paga Hill Paradise Project, gets off the ground later this month.

Artistic expression of new skyscraper in downtown Port Moresby

Governor of the National Capital District Powes Parkop, when speaking at the ground breaking ceremony yesterday afternoon (Thursday August 8th, 2022) said he is grateful that this project is finally getting off the ground after much delay.

Mr. Parkop says this K130 million project, which will be built over two years, is part of his idea of creating an Amazing Port Moresby, and making it one of the best in the Pacific.

"The idea of Amazing Port Moresby is not just to make our City look and sound amazing or attractive but for real making it truly amazing in that its a great hub for business, great hub for entertainment, for recreation, great hub for all our people of the thousand tribes and 860 languages."

"So many cultures and traditions to congregate here and make our country a real country, one country blending together to make the goals of our country for real," said Mr. Parkop.

The Paga Hill Paradise Project will be sitting at the edge of the Fairfax Harbour and will house a total of 22 stories, with 83 units of between 1 to 5 rooms, a gymnasium, 150 car parks, a 25 metre swimming pool.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister James Marape when officiating at the ground breaking ceremony, also thanked the developer of the project for sticking by and finally getting the project off the ground.

Mr. Marape said his Government will accept anyone who wish to invest in the country, and has a genuine interest to help develop Papua New Guinea, despite their religious or political affiliations or race.

He said that his Government is now moving away from the traditional form of growing the country's economy, and moving into development and investment.

"For the last 46 years, we have been just harvesting resources in our country and exporting. Today, we are focused on not just harvesting resources but moving into the downstream sector as well as move into the service sector, expanding the economic base, diversifying it and more importantly, have enough support facility to entrap money generated in Papua New Guinea, first and foremost in Papua New Guinea."

"And of course those who choose to invest in us, this is a country that has shown its ability to repay our investors a substantial return on investment."

"And going forward you will not be discouraged to invest here in our country. You will have a good return on your investment," said the Prime Minister.

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