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PNG Diplomat to be recalled and terminated for Wife assault in Taipei Restaurant, Taiwan

 Papua New Guinea Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko has described the actions of a diplomat who assaulted his wife in public whilst drunk overseas, as disgraceful and deplorable.  

Speaking to the media in Port Moresby yesterday, the Minister said the diplomat, based in Taiwan, has been recalled and will be removed permanently from the diplomatic corp. 

Mr. Tkatchenko said they will not tolerate such behaviour, especially when PNG is clearly making inroads when it comes to Gender Based Violence.

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko 

The Foreign Affairs Minister said the diplomat with the Taiwan Trade mission did an unspeakable act where he assaulted his wife in a drunken rage four weeks ago.

Local media in Taiwan reported that the 44-year old man, who worked as a Secretary with the PNG representative office in Taiwan, had assaulted his wife and a Taiwanese restaurant employee at a Taipei City restaurant. 

Taiwan media say the wife suffered trauma to the back of her head.

Mr. Tkatchenko said the officer has been recalled to PNG and he has given instructions for his removal from the diplomatic corp and from Foreign Affairs for life. 

Minister Tkatchenko said this should serve as a lesson for other PNG diplomats overseas.

He warned that they will now be firm and this also applies to appointments.

"When it comes to the selection of High Commissioners, Consular Generals, Ambassadors overseas to represent Papua New Guinea, they must be of the highest standing with an impeccable record."

"We don't want people there just for a joy ride. They have to work, promote the country and put our name in shining light and promote Papua New Guinea. It's all about promoting our good name," said the Foreign Affairs Minister.

Meantime, Mr. Tkatchenko said they have since apologised to authorities in Taiwan over this incident.

NBC News / PNG Today

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