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PNG Public Service Minister on Public Servant's Housing

The Papua New Guinea public service ministry is serious about providing incentives to motivate public service performance

Minister for Public Service Joe Sungi has pledged to progress housing for public servants as a condition for employment

Mr Sungi confirms a housing project initiated earlier for public servants will be launched in the coming weeks.

He believes that with benefits such as housing, the public service machinery can effectively deliver public services.

''So, housing will no longer be 'Not A Condition of Employment, rather I will fight hard to ensure political laws of the past are changed to make Housing a condition for employment.

''I will push it hard in Parliament to ensure that everyone understands, that if we are talking about public servants' performance,  we must ensure their welfare is taken care of such as housing.

''The current public servants' housing allowance is lousy, how do we expect them to pay for their rent in a city like Port Moresby, it's just not real,'' said Minister Sungi.

Mr Sungi was speaking during his welcome ceremony in Port Moresby on Monday.

NBC News / PNG Today

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