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Flights into Nadzab and Kiunga resume

 Flights into Nadzab in  Lae Morobe Province and Kiunga , Western Province Are expected to resume by midday today.

That is according to  Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation Walter Schbaubelt.

Flights into Nadzab and Kiunga resume [photo by FM100]

He said it's an unfortunate situation but public safety was of paramount concern now and into the future.

He said on Friday he had a brief with the Director of Civil Aviation (CASA PNG) that their technical auditing team with NAC to finalize most of the 21 and 7 NAC airport defects read in Parliament on Friday.

" The CASA PNG team are on target to complete most if not all compliance issues to acceptable standards for ease of management, thereafter so these airports are issued with the Aerodrome Operating Certificate with Conditions from CASA PNG for airlines to resume flights into airports," Schbaubelt said.

He said the Marape- Rosso government through the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation sincerely apologies for any inconveniences caused to the traveling public.

FM100/PNG Today

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