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PNG PM Marape Strongly Condemns Jacksons International Airport Saga

 PNG Prime Minister Hon. James Marape, MP has strongly condemned the National Airport Corporation (NAC) saga and has directed a full investigation into the sabotaging of Jacksons International Airport operations.

The airport came to a complete stop in the morning of Saturday, November 12, 2022, when the airport security blocked off the airport - affecting daily operations of international and domestic flights.

PM Marape directed the National Security Advisory Committee, in a National Security Council meeting the same day, to:

• Take full carriage of the incident;

• institute an independent investigation to ascertain exactly what had happened; and

• Charge those involved in this incident.

In a brief presented at the meeting, the incident had everything to do with the arrest of National Airport Corporation Managing-Director, Rex Kiponge. 

PM Marape directed a full investigation into the mayhem and wants those involved to be charged forthwith.

“I want a complete report on this gross negligence, sabotage and abuse of due process by those who are discharged with authority," he said.

“In the context of national security, you cannot stop airport and flights, as this is sabotaging our freedom of movement.

“My appeal to National Airport Corporation staff, and all instrumentalities who support air transport, is not to personalise things. 

“National airports and public institutions facilitate our economy and well-being of our people and country.

“Our international reputation continues to be dented with people playing hide-and-seek with law and abuse of processes.”

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