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PNG PM Marape to attend APEC Summit in Thailand

PAPUA New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape, will be attending the 33rd Asia Pacific Economic Corporation Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.

PM Marape will leave tomorrow- Tuesday 15th November for the summit, which starts today-Monday 14th November.

PNG PM Marape to attend APEC Summit in Thailand 

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justin Tkatchenko, and International Trade and Investment Minister, Richard Maru, will also attend the summit. 

Minister Tkatchenko in a statement, described APEC as an opportunity to strengthen bilateral ties, and identify strategic trade, and investment opportunities in all development aspects. 

The Foreign Affairs Minister will meet with his counterpart from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Indonesia, to discuss an array of development issues, which covers health, education, security, infrastructure development, and others. 

Minister Maru will focus on encouraging more business, trade, manufacturing, and funding opportunities in PNG through foreign investments. 

The summit ends on the 21st of this month.

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