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No Place to Hide for Kidnappers , PNG PM Marape warns youths

 THERE is no place for those who think money can be made from criminal acts such as holding people at ransom, Papua New Guinea Prime Minister  James Marape has said. 

While commending the PNG Defense Force, PNG Royal Constabulary, and leaders and people of the community for the successful rescue of the hostages, the Prime Minister made a special appeal to the youth of Papua New Guinea today (26.02.23) to let go of their criminal ways of life and turn to agriculture and small business to making a living. 

No Place to Hide for Kidnappers , PNG PM Marape warns youths 

“I want to offer some counsel to our youth today. To those up there thinking you can make money through the barrel of a gun, I want to make it very clear to you that this is false fascination, a clear imagination that will not bear any long-term dividends for yourself,” said PM Marape. 

“There is no place where you can engage in such outright criminal activities and get away. The Law will, and always does, catch up with you. As we proceed from this year onwards, we will be empowering our police and military to restore the Rule of Law in the country. 

“This is the first time this sort of thing has happened and it must be the last time. It must not be repeated. As your Prime Minister, let me tell you today, crime does not pay. I appeal to you to pick up MSME, agriculture, tourism and work to earn your money to make a living,” said PM Marape. 

The Prime Minister called on the kidnappers to surrender themselves to police to resolve this matter.

“I want to ask those who have engaged in this illegal activity to surrender yourselves to police or police will be after you. The police and the army have surrounded the area and will be operating there until you surrender. 

"I am aware that you came with issues from logging operations at Kamusi but two wrongs do not right a wrong. If you do not surrender yourselves, police will pursue you. They  will continue their operations and deal with you if you do not surrender,” said the Prime Minister. 

PM Marape thanked the police, military, Intelligence and community leaders who, he said, worked together to restore the situation. He also acknowledged the safe return of the hostages including the three women who were not assaulted while in the captivity of the kidnappers. 

Photos Supplied by PMs Media Unit

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