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Saudi Arabia's Minister for Tourism, Saga Alhoshan meets with PNG Foreign Minister Justin Tkatchenko

The Papua New Guinea Minister for Foreign Affairs Justin Tkatchenko met with Saga Alhoshan, Minister for Tourism of Saudi Arabia on Thursday 23 February at the margins of the Special Leaders'Retreat in Nadi, Fiji.

Both Ministers acknowledged the importance of establishing diplomatic ties between both countries to enhance trade and economic ties including promoting tourism, agricultural cooperation in diversifying economic activities as well as development cooperation in terms of infrastructure development.

Minister Tkatchenko informed of PNG government's priorities which includes economic independence for our people.

 Minister Alhoshan informed that the Government of Saudi Arabia is ready and willing to assist PNG realise it's economic independence not only in agricultural and tourism cooperation but more so in the infrastructure development. 

Through the Saudi Fund for Development, PNG can benefit from the concessional loans with low interest rates that Saudi Arabia can offer to PNG taking into account the local content.

 Local content is what Saudis encourages, said Minister Alhoshan.

Apart from that, Minister Alhoshan informed of Saudis bid for the BIE for 2030 and seeked PNG's support of which Minister Tkatchenko acknowledged and advised that since PNG is not a member of the BIE (Bureau of International Expositions) PNG will have to subscribe to it before PNG can publicly offer our support. In the meantime, both Ministers agreed to progress the establishment of diplomatic ties as soon as possible.

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