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Pacific ICT Ministerial Delegation Visits PNG's New Ireland after the Signing of Declaration

Following the high-level discussions and the successful signing and completion of the ‘Lagatoi’ Decleration, at APEC Haus, the Pacific ICT Delegation led by host Minister Hon. Timothy Masiu, visited the New Ireland province for an integration of culture and commonality of traditions and landscape.

The purpose of the visit was to expose the Pacific Delegations to the rich cultural tapestry of the region, gain insights into rural ICT challenges, appreciate the stunning landscapes, and establish cultural connections that mirror those of their own societies.

Accompanied by representatives from the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Huawei, Vodafone, Amazing Port Moresby, Digicel, and members of the New Ireland Provincial Government, the Pacific ICT Delegation embarked on an unforgettable experience.

During their one-day tour in the Province, the delegation had the opportunity to witness the breathtaking landscapes of New Ireland, savor the finest local cuisine, and engage with the local communities. However, the standout moments of the trip were the firsthand experiences of New Ireland's ancient shark-calling tradition and the awe-inspiring giant Eels of Laraibina.

These unique cultural practices left an indelible mark on the delegates, fostering a deeper understanding of the region's rich heritage.

Despite the intensity of the one-day journey to New Ireland, the Pacific Delegation maintained beaming smiles throughout their short tour. The warmth of the local hospitality and the shared cultural elements forged a strong bond between the delegates and their host country.

After the enriching visit, the Pacific ICT Delegation returned to Port Moresby, where they continued on to the 16th Asia Pacific Telecommunity Policy and Regulation Forum for the Pacific (16-APT PRFP).

Furnished with a newfound appreciation for the similar challenges faced by rural communities of PNG, and a deeper understanding of cultural interconnectedness between the Pacific societies, the delegates are poised to contribute meaningfully to the discussions and deliberations of the forum.

The journey to New Ireland not only provided the Pacific ICT Delegation with valuable insights into the region's unique culture and ICT challenges but also underscored the power of cultural exchange and collaboration in fostering stronger relationships among nations and organizations in the Asia Pacific region.

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