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PM Marape Extends Condolences on Minister Jimmy Uguro's Untimely Death

Papua New Guinea  Prime Minister James Marape has conveyed his condolences to the people of Papua New Guinea on the untimely passing of the Honorable Jimmy Uguro, the Minister for Education.

Minister Uguro, a loyal member of the Pangu Party and the representative for Usino-Bundi, met his unfortunate demise while on official duty in the East Sepik Province.

late Jimmy Uguro

Acknowledging the significant contributions of the late Minister, Prime Minister Marape highlighted Uguro's exemplary work ethic, passion, and dedication to advancing education, particularly in Flexible and Open Distance Education (FODE). Minister Uguro, a product of FODE himself, demonstrated his commitment by re-entering the education system after completing Grade 10, eventually becoming an educationist.

A key focus of Minister Uguro's advocacy was the integration of FODE into schools, ensuring its proper operation to support students who were pushed out of the traditional school system. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in promoting specialized overseas training for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) students, contributing to ongoing reforms in the education system.

Prime Minister Marape expressed deep sorrow over the loss of one of his good ministers and a senior member of the Pangu Party. He extended heartfelt condolences to the late Minister's family, relatives, clan, tribe, friends, and those close to him.

The government, under Prime Minister Marape's leadership, has pledged its full commitment to ensuring that Minister Uguro receives the due respect accorded to a minister of State. Plans are underway to give him a proper farewell as he embarks on his final journey to his resting place.

Papua New Guinea stands united in grief as it remembers the legacy of Minister Jimmy Uguro, a dedicated public servant and advocate for education reform.


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