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Fuel Rationing by Puma Energy Causes Disruptions for Air Niugini Flights

In a recent statement, Air Niugini, the national airline of Papua New Guinea, has informed its customers about ongoing fuel rationing by Puma Energy, resulting in domestic flight disruptions across the country.

The airline expressed regret over the situation, stating, "Air Niugini regrets to inform our valued customers that jet fuel rationing by Puma Energy in Port Moresby continues to cause disruptions to our domestic flights."

Air Niugini's third Boeing 737 aircraft, PX Bravo parked at Jacksons International airport, Port Moresby this morning.[Photo by Air Niugini]

The fuel rationing predicament has now extended beyond Port Moresby to other key airports such as Lae and Mt Hagen. Additionally, some airports are experiencing a complete cessation of fuel supply, exacerbating the challenges faced by Air Niugini.

Consequently, Air Niugini has been compelled to further reduce its domestic flight schedule, leading to increased flight cancellations and inconveniences for passengers.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Puma Energy regarding the fuel rationing issue were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

However, Air Niugini assured its customers that international flights remain unaffected by the fuel shortages. The airline disclosed that its international aircraft are refueling overseas whenever feasible to mitigate the impact of the domestic fuel crisis.

"We apologize for the inconvenience caused and are diligently working to address this issue and minimize the disruption to our valued customers," Air Niugini stated.

The airline emphasized that the fuel rationing imposed by Puma Energy is beyond its control, reaffirming its commitment to prioritizing safety in all operations.

Air Niugini expressed gratitude for the patience and understanding of its customers amidst the flight cancellations and delays, thanking them for their continued support during this challenging period.

As Air Niugini strives to navigate through the fuel rationing crisis, it remains focused on ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its passengers while actively seeking solutions to mitigate the impact on its domestic flight operations. 

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