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Australia and UK Collaborate on Major Solar Energy Project in Papua New Guinea

 Australia, in collaboration with the British High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea, Anne Macro, and representatives from the New Ireland Provincial Government, has officially launched the UK-AU Pawa Bilong Niu Ailan solar energy project in Namatanai District, New Ireland. This initiative underscores the joint commitment to advancing renewable energy and supporting local communities.

The Pawa Bilong Niu Ailan project is set to make a significant impact by providing more than 9,000 solar home systems, 80 solar systems for community buildings, and 160 streetlights. This extensive rollout aims to enhance the quality of life for residents through improved access to clean and sustainable energy sources.

Australia and UK Collaborate on Major Solar Energy Project in Papua New Guinea [Photo by Australian High Commission PNG]

The project highlights the importance of renewable energy in supporting livelihoods, enhancing safety and wellbeing, and improving educational outcomes. By investing in solar technology, both Australia and the UK are contributing to a greener future and fostering long-term benefits for local communities.

The initiative also reflects the strong and ongoing partnership between Australia and Papua New Guinea. The collaboration aims to address energy needs in rural and remote areas, where access to reliable power can be limited. This project marks a significant step towards achieving broader energy access and sustainability goals.

Overall, the Pawa Bilong Niu Ailan solar energy project represents a vital effort to promote renewable energy and underscores the shared commitment of Australia and the UK to support Papua New Guinea's development and environmental sustainability.

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